Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I don't think anyone really checks my blog anymore, but just in case things are a little out of place. Because even thought it doesn't look like I have blogged much, I would go in and write little things to remember all the time but never posted them. Now that I am trying to make the yearly book I have posted all the stories but blogger won't let me add the pictures and the way I posted them are a little out of order!


Today I have been married 14 years. Crazy. I can honestly say that looking back, I would not change a thing. Even though I met Steve when I was 17 and got married at 18... It worked for us. Now that's not to say I would that if Sienna came to me at 18 and told me she was getting married, I would let her... But really, it worked for us and we have been through so much and have so much love between the 2 of us. I got lucky and am so glad that I found Steve. He's amazing. My kids are amazing. And we really do have such an amazing and blessed life!


I was snuggling with my little man all nuzzled up under his little neck. The smell of him makes my heart so happy and I told him he was just so delicious I wanted to eat him. He cocked his head like he does and scrunched his little nose like he always does and said "mom, me not a doughnut...." very true little man, you are not a doughnut but even more delicious!

Sienna is learning about Native Americans in kindergarten. We were getting her show and teach ready and I told her that granny (Steve's mom) is actually part Indian. She asked me "well, what does that mean? That she raised daddy like a little Indian boy?"

Things got pretty crazy when Grandpa Jack had his stroke. The day he came home from the hospital we were just running all over the place, plus still running the office. Sienna has dance on Wednesdays that goes from 4:30-7. I was so tired and decided to come home instead of staying at the office and waiting for her like I usually do. (it's right next door) My dad was just leaving salt lake so i asked him if he would stop and pick sienna up from dance on his way home. At about 7:25 I started to get worried because Sienna had not come home yet. Finally after not answering his cell phone grandpa finally answered his house line. When I asked where sienna was he told me he had forgot to pick her up. So I go racing to the studio and pull up to a black studio. All sorts of thought went through my mind. But her dance teacher quickly pulled up and told me she had taken her to her house while trying to call me. When I got to where she was she just burst into tears. "how could grandpa forget abut me again?" unfortunately for grandpa he had "lost" sienna at home depot abut a year prior to this and clearly she has still not let that one go. Sadly the next day the bus went flying past our house and quickly slammed on his breaks seeing that I was waving my arms like a crazy person. In the bus drivers defense sienna does not ride the bus home much because of the office schedule. She comes running off the bus bawling "why is everyone forgetting about me lately?" I can guarantee the bus driver will not forget again!

Sadie is getting so funny and has so much personality! She has just recently learned how to climb onto the kitchen chairs which then turns into climbing on the table. She really feels like hot stuff being up there so she starts dancing immediately and puts her little hands above her head and turns in circles. She doesn't have the best balance so it usually ends with a crash or with mama catching her as she falls off. She also has quite the temper. I really think she has rage issues and she usually has a bruise on her forehead where she throws her head down on the floor whenever she doesn't get what she wants.


Here are my thoughts on my week... (it's only Tuesday)
- I have the most amazing men in my life!
- jack has been apart of almost half of my life.
- my heart is broken.
- its heart wrenching seeing him process everything that has happened.
- my heart nearly melted when he told me that he had been praying for me to walk through the door all day.
- on his way to the hospital sienna asked him where he was going. When he told her the hospital she informed him that they were going to give him shots there and they were going to hurt. He told her he knew and he would be ok. She quickly informed him that she would come and take them for him.
- when I told little man that grandpa had to go to the hospital he asked me if it was because "his yeg hurt" after I said no not his leg, he then asked if he had to get his teeth fixed.


Sienna & Alyssa did the Body motion summer camp. Sienna loved it and looked forward to going daily. She was darling in her performances but would get so excited when she saw someone she knew.


Sadie @ 13 months:
Nickname: Little Bird
Wears a size 3 diaper.
Still fits in all 3-6 month clothes
Loves food. Eats a full hamburger patty and 2 hot dogs in one sitting (disgusting)
If there is food around she needs it.
Has quite the the temper that I am pretty sure is going to rival her sisters.
She throws her head on the floor repeatedly when she doesn't get what she wants.
Loves baby dolls
Tolerates her brother
Says dad the minute we start walking down the stairs
Starts yelling hi when Steve gets home from work.
Is still pretty snugly

Seth @ 2 1/2
Still is obsessed with everything gogos
Loves monster trucks
Still loves mater
Sleeps pretty well.
Is doing awesome potty training
I would say he's 98% day time trained
Still loves to pee outside
Tells me that everything is "to far away" whenever we leave the house.
Still is 100% binky and milky dependent
Sings so horribly. Favorite songs are "life is a highway" and "itsy Bitsy spider"
Has started tormenting his sister.
His new thing is he hates everything.

Sienna at 5 1/2
Cracks me up daily
Has super big ears. I now have to sensor everything we say.
My mom and I got in a minor fight and I told sienna that I wasn't going to her house because I was on time out. A couple of days later after visiting mee-mah she informed me that mee-mah did not put me on time out, I put myself there.
Loves all things princess and loves her American girl doll ivy
Has started playing the violin
Loved dance this summer
Is so excited to start kindergarten
Sings all the time
Loves the show winxs club


Thoughts on the eve of sending my baby girl to kindergarten....
I always have said I will never be the momma crying when I send sienna to kindergarten. She is just one of those kids who thrive in social atmospheres. She gets bored with me and bored at home and needs to get out and be with other kids. I have been counting down the hours to sienna going to kindergarten. But as I left her orientation tonight I cried all the way home. She has insisted on riding the bus to school in spite of me trying to convince her to let me take her. She finally caved tonight and told me I could follow the bus to school as long as I "don't bother or distract her". She has repeatedly told Seth that she is starting school but will come home to him every afternoon. I just can't believe that we are starting the whole school thing. I just want so much for her. I want her to be the nice girl. I don't want anyone to be mean to her or tease her. I want her to be nice to everyone no matter what... I am so scared for her. And to be honest I am petrified at all the germs she is going to come in contact with... Steve gave her a blessing tonight and she sat there so big listening to her daddy's words. After she got done she was a little teary. When I asked her if she was crying she told me " no her eyes were just burning." seriously? Wen did she get so big? I will make sure to have sunglasses on tomorrow so I don't " bother or distract her....," ahhhh I am totally freaking out!!!


A few things... Seth tells me he loves me at least 30 times a day. The conversation goes like this: Mom What? I lub you. I love you too. I lub you too mom. We are potty training. After he finishes he tells me "your welcome" He sing, and he's pretty terrible with no pitch, but so awesome. Sadie is still crawling the army crawl. She is still tiny and fits into 3-6 month clothes.


We have a crawler... It's more like a push up lunge forward, but she's getting places!

Things to remember:
Little man had a tumor removed 2.3.2012
He has been in a cast for 3 weeks.
On 2.19.212 he decided to try and walk on it. His leg is slightly bent and it looks so uncomfortable. Up until this point he slides on his bum. As he was walking he said "mom, watch me I walking, quickly followed by watch me, I dancing." he really is a terrible dancer . He does this yoga move where he does downward dog and lifts one leg up.
He has been obsessed with monster trucks lately. He gets on you tube and goes from one video to the next.
His favorite things to say is binky, milky, mater... Over and over again.
He is super loving and affectionate, especially since the leg ordeal. He will come up to you and say "I hold you."


Sienna and I have been having a power struggle the past couple of weeks. Ruby informed me that kids go through this phase right before kindergarten, so we are not as sad to send them to school. Today after one of our epic battles I told Sienna to please leave and go find a new mom... I loaded the other 2 kiddos in the car and left... As she's running down the road screaming at me that she loves me and wants me to be her momma I bravely continued on. My parents only live 305 feet from me, so this is in no way child abuse...  I headed to my parents house to inform my father that if he wanted his grandchild to survive he needed to step in. He was not home and was pulling out of the driveway I see sienna running through all the cows in the field with her new puppy close behind her. When she reached me she informed me that because there was lightning that scared her that is why she couldn't listen to me.. Of course in defeat I loaded sienna and the puppy in the car and proceeded on with my day. Tonight she saw aunt ruby and informed me she wanted her to be her mom... It's a horrible feeling. I'm a terrible momma... Sometimes I think I probably shouldn't have had medical intervention to get her here... I guess heavenly father knew what a horrible mom I am and was trying to spare me... I'm learning, she's going to be my biggest test. I'm just not sure how to keep her independent spirit but still teach her what she needs to know???